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  • A Relationship First Approach

    Want to emphasize the relationship with Robyn – if all my “vendors” had the same relationship, personality, professionalism, I’d be in a better place. They have a real understanding of our business.

  • Fast and Transparent Processing

    OCF moved through the process faster. One of the things they did, they negotiated the high-level things upfront. LOI or terms sheet. Very transparent around the negotiation of the finer details early in the process. Not buried. I appreciated that. Got these out of the way early in the process. Went more quickly.

  • Comprehensive Services

    Two years prior, I had shopped 5-6 different organizations, so I had relationships with those banks. I didn’t feel the need to reach out to them again. I already knew what they offered and didn’t offer. Oxford Bank / OCF had all the services I needed.

  • One-to-One Solutions

    I am impressed with their flexibility. Not everything fits within a box; sometimes I have to put NA in certain fields (owns vehicles). OCF understands that every business is unique.

  • Long-term Partnership

    We had worked with Robyn for several years, until COVID. With the acquisition by Oxford Bank, we were able to go back to work with them again, with a larger open line/buying power.

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