Do I have to factor all my invoices?

No, you can choose which customers to factor and which invoices for that customer to factor.

Do I have to factor a minimum amount each month?

No, there is no minimum and no penalty fees. All you have to do is select the customers to factor and factor any invoices for those customers.

How much can I factor?

You are only limited by the amount you sell. If you are experiencing a high growth period, factoring is perfect. We can continue to provide financing as long as you have valid invoices.

Where do my customers send their payments?

All checks must be sent to OCF. We will notify your customers of this in writing. However, if some of your customers send payments to you by mistake, you must send those payments uncashed to OCF immediately. This is extremely important. If this event occurs, we will re-notify your customers to direct all payments to OCF.

How does Oxford Commercial Finance treat my customers if they need to speak with them?

We understand the relationship between the client and its customer is key for the client to continue to succeed and get repeat business. So while we do make contact, we explain our role as lender and that the primary relationship still lies with the client. We are not a collection company, but as an extension of your accounts receivable department, we will work with you on collections and customer late payments.

How are factoring companies different from banks?

Any bank that performs depositary services must be regulated by the federal government. Federal regulation requires banks to comply with very stringent reporting and liquidity measurements. When a bank lends money, they also must require their clients to comply with many provisions such as minimum net worth, monthly financial reporting, annual audits and other proof of financial stability.


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