Mick Goik

Mick Goik

Oxford Commercial Finance

Executive Chair

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A leader who focuses on “what can be” and isn’t afraid of the journey to get there, Mick leads with a combination of creativity, planning and result-driven focus. After starting his career at Freemont Financial in Los Angeles, Mick focused on building his experience and career in various organizations across the country before returning home to Michigan in 2001. Two years later, he joined Crestmark Bank, climbing the ranks to become CFO in 2009 and then President & COO in 2012. When Crestmark was acquired by Meta Financial in 2018, Mick became head of the bank’s Commercial Finance arm, which included Crestmark, a seven-branch community bank and an Insurance Premium Finance business. In 2020, he left Meta to pursue entrepreneurial opportunities aimed at helping small businesses succeed. Mick earned his bachelor’s degree in Accounting and Finance at Ferris State University.

Through it all, Mick brings a strong track record of accomplishments, including successful acquisitions, new product development, and a solid foundation for the future growth of Oxford Commercial Finance.

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